This series of drawings are based on events when I was either not allowed to photograph a scene or did not have a camera or deemed it inappropriate to photograph at that moment, but wanted to create a mnemonic for that event as I recall it in both language and image.


NO PHOTOS: I thought we were just going to talk about it/How did I end up in here? (Amsterdam, Red light
District), 2008. 50×38 inches.

NO PHOTOS: 200 HUF in my pocket, 5300 HUF short (Budapest Strip Club), 2008. 50×38 inches.


NO PHOTOS: Things are only going to get better (Paris, Passage Jousset), 2008. 50×38 inches. Ongoing series.
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NO PHOTOS: Something in my chest, (Chicago), 2009. 90×38 inches.


NO PHOTOS: Without the museum (Budapest Flea Market), 2008. 50×38 inches.


NO PHOTOS: I thought there would be more time, (St. Lucia), 2011. 50×38 inches and 38×50 inches. 


NO PHOTOS: Like Summer once was, (Costa Rica), 2014. 50×38 inches