Vacuum/plenum (the Cotard delusion, invisibility, and other gravities), 2009, mirror, two-way plexiglass mirror, aluminum, steel, casters, Dimensions variable, mirrored box is 4x4x7 ft

Utilizing over 400 square feet of mirrors, the installation allows the viewer to become disoriented, invisible to their own image, performer, and voyeur; to be inundated by their own image; and to switch between first and third person perspective. Inside the installation, the viewer can step into the 4x4x7 foot box on casters made of see-through acrylic mirror and move it around the room. From within the box the viewer is unable to see their own reflection in the mirrors in the room. At times it becomes difficult to navigate the room as the viewer sees reflections of reflections of the room (essentially a third person perspective) and becomes unable to determine their exact position in the room relative to the wall or other people. By moving the mirrored box throughout the room, the viewer becomes a performer in the work. The same can be said for someone outside the box as their reflection is scattered about the room.