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Every minute less

“Every minute less” 2017, MDF, paint, steel, wood. 28 x 8 x 7 ft Special thanks to Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, Smack Mellon, Paul Choate, Jesse Crozier. Drone footage by Eloy Vela. Without the ability to read each word from above, the viewer must discern the words from the shape of the perimeter. […]

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Untitled (repeated words)

The repeated words are mantras where the sound and meaning start to abstract both visually and aurally. Mistakes are made and patterns break, but it continues until completion.   Untitled (I DO NOT CARE), 2023, Ink on paper. 50×38 inches.   Untitled (i am here am i here ), 2020, Ink on paper. 50×38 inches. […]

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How I Was Made Artist Book

    Mixed Media. Edition of 21. 2015. Special thanks to The Center for Book Arts.

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78 years, the average American life (sculpture)

A 78 page notepad is placed beside 78 stacked calendars and 78 stacked yearly planners, to play with conceptions of time and the average American life span of 78 years. Dimensions variable. Each page of the notepad has a grid of either 365 or 366 squares. With each square representing a day, each page represents […]

Untitled (clock, towel)

Untitled (clock, towel)

Untitled (clock, towel) 2015, embroidered towel. Special thanks to The Center for Book Arts for their support of this project.

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Memory lists

Memory lists are written lists of all that I could quickly recall on various topics (acquaintances/friends, authors, plays, celebrities) until I paused for an extended amount of time on March 21, 2014. Memory lists (authors) March 21, 2014, 11×14, ink on paper Memory lists (books) March 21, 2014, 11×14, ink on paper Memory lists (bands/musicians) […]

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We are all present at sunset

We are all present at sunset, 2012, live plant, dimensions variable.A live plant has a poem cut into its leaves. The text reads: we are all present at sunset the sunrise, our privilege always finding the floor never falling off the ground a drawing of a sunrise is just a drawing a photo of a sunset […]

On time

On time

Untitled (plant, clock) 2012, live plant, dimensions variable Conceived as a meditation on time and its linear and non-linear aspects, the numbers one through twelve are cut into a live plant in a circle to resemble a clock while the two flowering stems resemble a clock’s hour and minute hands. As the leaves move in accordance to the […]

How I was made

How I was made

  How I was made, 2012, acrylic, wood, paint, light controllers, LED neon, 14 x 492 x 2.5 inchesThanks to Green LED lighting for their generous support. Commissioned by Socrates Sculpture Park for the EmergingArtist Fellowship 2012. Questioning language and our personal construction of self through language, self-examination, and ultimatelyself-discovery, the work constructs a visual poem […]